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Machine Learning in Computer and Information Systems


A Machine Learning Approach for Stroke Differential Diagnosis by Blood Biomarkers
Fayroz F. Sherif and Khaled S. Ahmed*

Preprocessing Strategy to Improve the Performance of Convolutional Neural Networks Applied to Steganalysis in the Spatial Domain
Mario Alejandro Bravo-Ortiz*, Esteban Mercado-Ruiz, Juan Pablo Villa-Pulgarin, Harold Brayan Arteaga-Arteaga, Gustavo Isaza, Raúl Ramos-Pollán, Manuel Alejandro Tamayo-Monsalve, and Reinel Tabares-Soto

Exploratory Architectures Analysis of Various Pre-trained Image Classification Models for Deep Learning
S. Deepa, J. Loveline Zeema, and S. Gokila*

B-DT Model: A Derivative Ensemble Method to Improve Performance of Intrusion Detection System
Amarudin, Ridi Ferdiana*, and Widyawan

Face Identification Based on Active Facial Patches Using Multi-Task Cascaded Convolutional Networks
Krishnaraj M.* and Jeberson Retna Raj R.

Evaluation of Multipath Based Protocols in Wireless Networks
Pushpender Sarao

Hybrid Deep Learning Network Intrusion Detection System Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Bidirectional Long Short-Term Memory
Anindra Ageng Jihado* and Abba Suganda Girsang

Hand Gesture Recognition Based on Electromyography Signals and Deep Learning Techniques
Mai H. Abdelaziz*, Wael A. Mohamed, and Ayman S. Selmy

Ovarian Tumors Detection and Classification from Ultrasound Images Based on YOLOv8
Thi-Loan Pham and Van-Hung Le*

An Integrated Deep Learning Model for Concurrent Speech Dereverberation and Denoising
Vijay M. Mane*, Seema S. Arote, and Shakil A Shaikh

Criminal Court Judgment Prediction System Built on Modified BERT Models
Shannen Latisha, Sean Favian, and Derwin Suhartono*

Assamese Dialect Identification Using Static and Dynamic Features from Vowel
Hem Chandra Das* and Utpal Bhattacharjee

Deep Learning-Based Lane-Keeping Assist System for Self-Driving Cars Using Transfer Learning and Fine Tuning
Phuc Phan Hong, Huy Hua Khanh, Nghi Nguyen Vinh, Nguyen Nguyen Trung, Anh Nguyen Quoc, and Hoang Tran Ngoc*

Efficient Brain Tumor Classification with a Hybrid CNN-SVM Approach in MRI
Shweta Suryawanshi* and Sanjay B. Patil

Enhancing Text Sentiment Classification with Hybrid CNN-BiLSTM Model on WhatsApp Group
Susandri Susandri*, Sarjon Defit, and Muhammad Tajuddin

Improving System Accuracy by Modifying the Transfer Learning Architecture for Detecting Clove Maturity Levels
Rosihan, Firman Tempola*, Muh. Nurtanzis Sutoyo, and Catur Eri Gunawan

Object Classification by Effective Segmentation of Tree Canopy Using U-Net Model
S. Vasavi*, Atluri Lakshmi Likhitha, Veeranki Sai Premchand, and Jampa Yasaswini

Binary Classification of Heart Disease Based on Differential Evolution-Optimised Machine Learning Approach
Theodore Nicholas Richard Egling, Sumbwanyambe Mbuyu*, and Zenghui Wang*

A Hybrid Feature Extraction and Feature Selection Mechanism to Predict Disease in Plant Leaves
Abisha A.* and Bharathi N.

Enhancing Sentiment Analysis Accuracy in Borobudur Temple Visitor Reviews through Semi-Supervised Learning and SMOTE Upsampling
Candra Agustina*, Purwanto Purwanto, and Farikhin Farikhin

Automatic Gender Authentication from Arabic Speech Using Hybrid Learning
Amjad Rehman Khan

Efficient MLTL Calibration Model for Monitoring the Real-Time Pollutant Emission from Brick Kiln Industry
Sahaya Sakila V.* and Manohar S.

Relevant Features Independence of Heuristic Selection and Important Features of Decision Tree in the Medical Data Classification
Yusi Tyroni Mursityo, Irfany Rupiwardani, Widhy H. N. Putra, Dewi Sri Susanti, Titis Handayani, and Samingun Handoyo*

Empirical Text Analysis for Identifying the Genres of Bengali Literary Work
Ayesha Afroze, Kishowloy Dutta, Sadman Sadik, Sadia Khanam, Raqeebir Rab*, and Mohammad Asifur Rahim

Detection of COVID-19 Infection Using Deep Neural Network and Machine Learning Technique
M. Hema* and T. S. N. Murthy

Algorithm for Safety Decisions in Social Media Feeds Using Personification Patterns

Prema Pandurang Gawade* and Sarang Achyut Joshi

Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms for Spam Detection
Azeema Sadia*, Fatima Bashir, Reema Qaiser Khan, and Ammarah Khalid

Masked Face Detection and Recognition System Based on Deep Learning Algorithms
Hayat Al-Dmour*, Afaf Tareef, Asma Musabah Alkalbani, Awni Hammouri, and Ban Alrahmani

Spelling Check: A New Cognition-Inspired Sequence Learning Memory
Thasayu Soisoonthorn*, Herwig Unger, and Maleerat Maliyaem

Automatic Diagnosis of Rice Leaves Diseases Using Hybrid Deep Learning Model
Amjad Rehman Khan*, Ibrahim Abunadi, Bayan AlGhofaily, Haider Ali, and Tanzila Saba

Utilizing Word Index Approach with LSTM Architecture for Extracting Adverse Drug Reaction from Medical Reviews
Asmaa J. M. Alshaikhdeeb* and Yu-N Cheah

Optimized Deep Neural Networks Audio Tagging Framework for Virtual Business Assistant
Fatma Sh. El-metwally, Ali I. Eldesouky, Nahla B. Abdel-Hamid, and Sally M. Elghamrawy*

Crowdsensing: Assessment of Cognitive Fitness Using Machine Learning
Samin Ahsan Tausif*, Aysha Gazi Mouri, Ishfaq Rahman, Nilufar Hossain, and H. M. Zabir Haque

DASS-21 Based Psychometric Prediction Using Advanced Machine Learning Techniques
Jayshree Ghorpade-Aher*, Ahbaz Memon, Snehalraj Chugh, Abhishek Chebolu, Prajakta Chaudhari, and Janhavi Chavan

Fake News Detection in Social Media: Hybrid Deep Learning Approaches
Fatoumata Wongbé Rosalie Tokpa*, Beman Hamidja Kamagaté, Vincent Monsan, and Souleymane Oumtanaga

Empirical Evaluation of Machine Learning Performance in Forecasting Cryptocurrencies
Lauren Al Hawi, Sally Sharqawi, Qasem Abu Al-Haija*, and Abdallah Qusef

Fusion of CNN-QCSO for Content Based Image Retrieval
Sarva Naveen Kumar* and Ch. Sumanth Kumar

Improvised Explosive Device Detection Using CNN With X-Ray Images
Chakkaphat Chamnanphan, Surapol Vorapatratorn*, Khwunta Kirimasthong, Tossapon Boongoen, and Natthakan Iam-On

Malicious Agricultural IoT Traffic Detection and Classification: A Comparative Study of ML Classifiers
Omar Bin Samin*, Nasir Ahmed Abdulkhader Algeelani, Ammar Bathich, Ghulam Mujtaba Adil, Abdul Qadus, and Adnan Amin

Evaluating the Effectiveness of YOLO Models in Different Sized Object Detection and Feature-Based Classification of Small Objects
Luyl-Da Quach*, Khang Nguyen Quoc, Anh Nguyen Quynh, and Hoang Tran Ngoc

An Intelligent Deep Learning Architecture Using Multi-scale Residual Network Model for Image Interpolation
Diana Earshia V.* and Sumathi M.

A Novel Web Recommendation Model Based on the Web Usage Mining Technique
Dalia L. Elsheweikh

Analysis of Language Model Role in Improving Machine Translation Accuracy for Extremely Low Resource Languages
Herry Sujaini*, Samuel Cahyawijaya, and Arif B. Putra

Applying an Image Technology to Estimates Values of Nitrite in Processed Meat Products
Tippaya Thinsungnoen*, Jessada Rattanasuporn, Manoch Thinsungnoen, Thanakorn Pluangklang, Vanida Choomuenwai, Chareonsak Lao-ngam, Panadda Phansamdaeng, Chutima Pluangklang, and Maliwan Subsadsana

Improving Autonomous Vehicle Performance through Integration of an Image Deraining and a Deep Learning-Based Network for Lane Following
Hoang Tran Ngoc*, Phuc Phan Hong, Anh Nguyen Quoc, and Luyl-Da Quach

Convolutional Neural Network-Based Fall Detection for the Elderly Person Monitoring
Kishanprasad G. Gunale, Prachi Mukherji, and Sumitra N. Motade*

Deep Learning for Glaucoma Detection: R-CNN ResNet-50 and Image Segmentation
Marlene S. Puchaicela-Lozano, Luis Zhinin-Vera*, Ana J. Andrade-Reyes, Dayanna M. Baque-Arteaga, Carolina Cadena-Morejón, Andrés Tirado-Espín, Lenin Ramírez-Cando, Diego Almeida-Galárraga, Jonathan Cruz-Varela, and Fernando Villalba Meneses

Towards a Transparent and an Environmental-Friendly Approach for Short Text Topic Detection: A Comparison of Methods for Performance, Transparency, and Carbon Footprint
Sami Al Sulaimani* and Andrew Starkey

Gradient Boosting and LSTM Based Hybrid Ensemble Learning for Two Step Prediction of Stock Market
Pratyush Ranjan Mohapatra, Ajaya Kumar Parida*, Santosh Kumar Swain, and Santi Swarup Basa

Observation-Centric with Appearance Metric for Computer Vision-Based Vehicle Counting
Allysa Kate Brillantes*, Edwin Sybingco, Robert Kerwin Billones, Argel Bandala, Alexis Fillone, and Elmer Dadios

Improved Model for Skin Illnesses Classification Utilizing Gray-Level Co-occurrence Matrix and Convolution Neural Network
Zahraa Jabbar Hussein*, Ahmed Mohammed Hussein, Ghadeer Ibrahim Maki, and Hadeel Qasem Gheni

A Deep Learning Based Effective Model for Brain Tumor Segmentation and Classification Using MRI Images
Gayathri T. and Sundeep Kumar K.*

Identification and Classification of Diseases Based on Object Detection and Majority Voting of Bounding Boxes
Satanat Kitsiranuwat, Thitipong Kawichai, and Paisit Khanarsa*

M2FRED Analysis Using MobileNet and Siamese Neural Network
Riskie Annisa* and Benfano Soewito

DRLNet: A Deep Reinforcement Learning Network for Hybrid Features Extraction and Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
Usha Rani M A* and Prashanth C R

A Framework for Youth Sentiment Analysis Using Natural Language Processing
Rasha A. ElStohy

Enhancing Prediction Accuracy in Gastric Cancer Using High-Confidence Machine Learning Models for Class Imbalance
Danish Jamil*, Sellappan Palaniappan, Muhammad Naseem, and Asiah Lokman

Survival Prediction in Glioblastoma Using Combination of Deep Learning and Hand-Crafted Radiomic Features in MRI Images
Ying Zhuge, Holly Ning, Jason Y. Cheng, Erdal Tasci, Peter Mathen, Kevin Camphausen, Robert W. Miller, and Andra V. Krauze*