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Section: Information Theory and Technology

● Information Theory and Security
● Data Storage and Database
● Big Data Theory and Technology
● machine learning
● Algorithmic Theory and Data Structures
● Soft Computing and Mathematical Computing
● Cryptography and Coding
● Fuzzy logic and approximate reasoning
● Artificial neural networks
● Sentiment Analysis and Computing
● Learning and Evolutionary Computation
● knowledge engineering
● Semantic Search Engine
● Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation
● Cloud Computing and Mobile Computing
● Experts and Decision Support Systems
● Intelligent Recommendation System

Section: Modern Information Systems and Processing

● Human Machine Interaction
● Software Development and Testing
● Database systems and management
● Computer vision
● Image processing technology and method
● Network Performance Analysis and Protocol Design
● Network Management and Security
● Blockchain Theory and Technology
● Computer network and communication system
● Computer System Performance Evaluation
● Communication signal processing
● Quantum Information Technology
● Mobile computing network
● Intelligent Information Processing System
● Information System and Information Security
● Information Communication and Systems
● Computer information management

Section: Advanced Information Technology and Applications

● Web and Digital Media Technology
● Real-time computer application
● Network Management and Security
● Pattern Recognition and Artificial Intelligence
● Computer graphics and visualization
● Health informatics
● Computational biology
● Databases and Data Science
● Information Network and Multimedia Technology
● Broadband Computer Network and Communication System
● Key Technologies and Systems of Service Computing
● Information retrieval and management
● Air Traffic Information Systems and Control
● Civil Aviation Information and Decision Support System
● Intelligent Transportation System Theory and Technology
● Computer Animation and Virtual Reality
● IoT Security and Detection Technology