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JAIT 2022 Vol.13(1): 78-84
doi: 10.12720/jait.13.1.78-84

AI-Powered University: Design and Deployment of Robot Assistant for Smart Universities

Thanh-Hiep Nguyen, Duy-Nhat Tran, Doan-Linh Vo, Van-Hung Mai, and Xuan-Quy Dao
Eastern International University, Vietnam

Abstract—This study presents four robot systems that utilize artificial intelligence techniques to assist students, teachers, and staff in the university. The goal of the assist robot systems is to reduce workload and enhance the effect in teaching and learning as well as improve the learning environment at university. The four robot systems including virtual assistant, telepresence, guide, and delivery robots were proposed and developed. In online learning, the virtual assistant robot supports students and teachers in learning and teaching by an interactive and informative learning environment and consequently maximizing learning outcomes. The telepresence robot allows students to follow the classroom at home or hospital in the case that students are unable to attend classes due to special reasons (Covid-19 pandemic, illness). The guide robot was developed as a physical robot which places or moves in the small range at the library, administrative building, restaurant, and residence to provide information such as book searching, freshman quiz, restaurant menu, events, and places. Finally, the delivery robot aims to deliver documents, books, and food/drink to students and teachers on the university campus in the motive of improving the quality of life and services. The motivation of this paper is highlighting the benefits of using robots in the development of smart-university. Experiments at Eastern International University showed that students are interested in the four robot systems and these robots enhance student engagement in learning and campus activities as well as significantly reduce the teacher’s workload. The virtual assistant, the telepresence, and the delivery robots gave great benefits in tackling the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic while the guide robot created exciting experience and productive outcomes for new students and visitors.
Index Terms—mobile robot, guide robot, virtual assistant, telepresence robot, delivery robot, smart campus

Cite: Thanh-Hiep Nguyen, Duy-Nhat Tran, Doan-Linh Vo, Van-Hung Mai, and Xuan-Quy Dao, "AI-Powered University: Design and Deployment of Robot Assistant for Smart Universities," Journal of Advances in Information Technology, Vol. 13, No. 1, pp. 78-84, February 2022. 

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