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JAIT 2024 Vol.15(5): 642-648
doi: 10.12720/jait.15.5.642-648

Multi-criteria Assessment of a Student’s Individual Profile

Assel Bektenova *, Natalya Denissova, Irina Doymina, and Oryngul Sadykanova
School of Information Technology and Intelligent Systems, East Kazakhstan Technical University, Kazakhstan
Email: bektenova_a@ukk.nis.edu.kz (A.B.); ndenisova@edu.ektu.kz (N.D.); irdyomina@mail.ru (I.D.); sadykanova_o@ukk.nis.edu.kz (O.S.)
*Corresponding author

Manuscript received November 22, 2023; revised December 21, 2023; accepted January 19, 2024; published May 28, 2024.

Abstract—At the junction of modern social processes, the problem of forming an individual with a high sense of social responsibility, adequate creative activity, morality, and a well-rounded personality has arisen. As well as the use of individual capabilities and intellectual abilities in their activities. One of the main tasks of intellectual schools is the formation of a creative, competent personality through the best examples of world civilization, the development of the intellectual and creative potential of students. To solve such global problems, scientists around the world use various methods; in our research we will try to use fuzzy logic. The article uses a fuzzy model for assessing the quality of education based on the theory of fuzzy sets, which will provide a clearer visualization of individual trajectories of students. To form a model for assessing students’ competencies, a matrix of paired comparisons is used as a defuzzification method. During the research, it was possible to conduct a detailed quantitative and qualitative survey of groups of students. Thus, based on expert assessments, we found that there are significant factors that impede the implementation of the new teaching format, and this contributes to the development of an algorithm for identifying giftedness (student profile) and teaching the student taking into account individual needs.
Keywords—giftedness, individual trajectory, methods for determining giftedness fuzzy sets, pairwise comparison matrix, decision making

Cite: Assel Bektenova, Natalya Denissova, Irina Doymina, and Oryngul Sadykanova, "Multi-criteria Assessment of a Student’s Individual Profile," Journal of Advances in Information Technology, Vol. 15, No. 5, pp. 642-648, 2024.

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