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JAIT 2024 Vol.15(3): 435-445
doi: 10.12720/jait.15.3.435-445

WhatsApp-Based Cloud Service Chatbot Application for Emergencies or Disasters

Oscar Peña-Cáceres 1,*, Anthony Tavara-Ramos 1, Teófilo Correa-Calle 1, and Manuel More-More 2
1. Professional School of Systems Engineering, Universidad César Vallejo, Piura, Perú
2. Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, Universidad Nacional de Piura, Piura, Perú
Email: ojpenac@ucvvirtual.edu.pe (O.P.C.); atavarar@ucvvirtual.edu.pe (A.T.R.); terococa@ucvvirtual.edu.pe (T.C.C.); mmorem@unp.edu.pe (M.M.M.)
*Corresponding author

Manuscript received August 15, 2023; revised October 8, 2023; accepted October 31, 2023; published March 28, 2024.

Abstract—Climate change and its effects have led to the presence of disruptive and dynamic climate events. Piura is geographically the most affected region of Peru by the El Niño phenomenon. The limited technological means of communication between the local authority and the community have generated decisions that are not very acceptable to the population. The purpose of the study was to develop a Chatbot focused on WhatsApp, ManyChat, and Google Sheets services to facilitate the referral and consultation of relevant information in emergency or disaster situations considering the particularities and limitations of the population of Piura, Peru. To achieve this objective, the following phrases were proposed: (1) defining and establishing the types of conversations using a logical, intuitive, and friendly approach; (2) designing and implementing the specific functionalities required by users to send and consult information through the Whatsapp platform service; and 3) evaluating and refining the Chatbot in terms of its effectiveness and acceptance during emergency or disaster situations. The results highlight the solution as a digital alternative that improves communication and coordination during emergency or disaster in Piura. The Chatbot optimizes incident management and provides efficient responses to users with acceptable levels of satisfaction.
Keywords—population, emergency, disaster, alert system, chatbot

Cite: Oscar Peña-Cáceres, Anthony Tavara-Ramos, Teófilo Correa-Calle, and Manuel More-More, "WhatsApp-Based Cloud Service Chatbot Application for Emergencies or Disasters," Journal of Advances in Information Technology, Vol. 15, No. 3, pp. 435-445, 2024.

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