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►Topic: Software Design and Program Development
Topic: Machine Learning in Computer and Information Systems


Topic: Software Design and Program Development

Software Design and Program Development play a key role in the software development process. Different methods are used for architecture design and detailed design evaluation. The topics include but are not limited to:

Computer programming languages and programming          Parallel programming
Software structure design   Software quality assessment
Software analysis methods and tools   Debugging
Software requirements analysis   Application Testing and Design
Test case design and execution   Testing Application Vulnerabilities
Software modeling and analysis   Software testing in IoT (Internet of Things)
Software design and estimation   Importance of agile and DevOps principles
Software frameworks and architectural   Security testing tool
Architectural and design patterns   Software testing, diagnosis, and validation
Software process models   Design principles
Project management   Software performance
Software testing to combat cybersecurity and
risk compliance
  Machine learning and artificial intelligence to
enhance automated software testing

Topic: Machine Learning in Computer and Information Systems

Machine learning is the process of a computer modeling human intelligence, and autonomously improving over time. Machines are able to make predictions about the future based on what they have observed and learned in the past. The topics include but are not limited to:

Logistic Regression   Decision Tree
k-Means   Nearest Neighbors
Principal Component Analysis   Hierarchical Naïve Bayes
Random Forest   Support Vector Machine
Reinforcement learning   Unsupervised learning
Supervised learning   Deep learning
Self-Organizing Maps   Topic model
Dimensionality reduction   Artificial Neural Networks
Deep Neural Network   K-nearest neighbor
Linear regression   Canonical correlation analysis


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