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Static Software Watermarking Using Graph-Reckoning: Piracy Control for Information Systems

Sohail Sarwar 1, Muhammad Safyan 2, Zia Ul Qayyum 1, Muddassir Iqbal 3, Yasir 4, and Farrukh Latif 5
1. University of Gujrat, Pakistan
2. GC University Lahore, Pakistan
3. London South Bank University, England
4. Iqra University
5. Bahria University
Abstract—Information Systems, as intellectual property, ensures potential earning of businesses that have been affected badly by software piracy. The impact of software piracy can be languished through different techniques such as obfuscation, birthmarks and watermarks etc. used to counter pirated software. A watermarking approach has been presented using data mining techniques. The watermark generation exploits the program constructs (as properties and their relations) in flow graphs. The watermarks generated are embedded in methods for keeping track of actual program ownership. The major advantage of proposed technique is its improved degree for piracy detection (at method level granularity). Also, the technique presented is more resilient to major attacks such as additive, distortive and removal attacks when compared with prevalent watermarking techniques.
Index Terms—piracy, watermarking, graph mining, resilience

Cite: Sohail Sarwar, Muhammad Safyan, Zia Ul Qayyum, Muddassir Iqbal, Yasir, and Farrukh Latif, "Static Software Watermarking Using Graph-Reckoning: Piracy Control for Information Systems," Journal of Advances in Information Technology, Vol. 10, No. 4, pp. 165-168, November 2019. doi: 10.12720/jait.10.4.165-168
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