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Software to Calculate Pressures in Cylindrical Metal Silos

Lícia Carvalho Coelho and Carlito Calil Júnior
University of São Paulo, São Carlos, Brasil

Abstract—This paper presents a software to calculate pressures in cylindrical silos with all products mentioned by BS EN 1991-4, which are very common used on farms and cooperatives. Properties of products vary widely, and consequently pressures, in magnitude, distribution and stability. The study of pressures is important to avoid unpredictable peak pressures which can cause serious damage. This software was developed in Python and refers extensively to the provisions of the developed European standards for silo pressures (EN 1991-4 2006) for slender, squat and intermediate slenderness silos, with and without filling or discharge eccentricities. The program was developed to be fast, safe, modular, structured and easy to handle. The software interface is simple for interaction between the data provided by the user and the results of the pressures must be presented clearly. It has application examples and analysis of results in metallic cylindrical silos of different types of walls: slippery, smooth, raspy and irregular. It is expected to provide an important tool for designers and have more efficient silo designs, reducing structural faults,collapses and waste of material.

Index Terms — Silo, computer program, pressures

Cite: Lícia Carvalho Coelho and Carlito Calil Júnior, "Software to Calculate Pressures in Cylindrical Metal Silos," Vol. 8, No. 1, pp. 47-51, February, 2017. doi: 10.12720/jait.8.1.47-51