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Guest Editorial——Special Issue on Security Issues and Solutions for Information, Computer and Networks

Karthikeyan Subramainan
Caledonian College of Engineering, Sultanate of Oman

    The special issue entitled as “Security Issues and Solutions for Information, Computer and Networks” under the umbrella of “Journal of Advanced Information and Technology”. This issue specially flavored for security community in information technology.
    In the technological revolution, security is acting as a vital role for online community. This special issue contains six different topics in information, computer and network security.
    The first paper narrates about components based key management algorithm for storage area network (SAN). Storage area network maintains all the data centrally with high performance but at the same time security vulnerabilities are more. The paper describes more detailed research idea about the encoding, decoding, key management and compression algorithm for SAN server.
    In the second article describes about biometrics security for better authentication and key management. The authors provide a “Quasi-group” technique is used to provide better security to Retina Template. This paper presents a quasigroup based retinal encryption which successfully overcomes the limitations of the biometric encryption algorithms for image based templates.
    There is a new research focus in the third article; the authors propose an extra layer called security layer in TCP/IP protocol suite. Also, the paper provides information about different security flaws of IPv6. The paper narrates the importance of security layer after the application layer in detail.
    The fourth paper describes about security issues in Wireless MANET. This paper indicates that the wireless MANET presents a larger security problem than conventional wired one. The authors analyses the issues for black hole and cooperative black hole attack which is one of the new and possible attack in ad hoc networks.
In the next paper, authors deal the topic uncertainty handling in Intrusion Detection system. There is a new technique is implemented in this paper using Intuitionistic fuzzy logic which is a generalization of fuzzy logic. It will reduce false alarms in IDS.
   The last paper analysis and provides a solution for issues of open environment sign-in schemes. The authors proposed an enhanced and trustworthy authentication scheme as a solution for open environment sign-in schemes.