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A Study of the Factors Affecting the Purchase Intention on Mobile Game Apps

Hsin-Ke Lu, Peng-Chun Lin, and Yi-Chen Lin
Information Management Department, SCE, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Tawan (R.O.C)

Abstract—With the widespread popularity of smartphone and tablet devices, consumers’ demands for mobile application (App) also rockets rapidly nowadays. According to Flurry’s survey, nearly 55 million shipment of smart mobile device were increased in the U.S. market while 1.5 hundred million devices were increased in China Market solely in the past year. This dramatic growth of global smartphone market share also brought about the thriving rise of App. Taiwan Network Information Center (TWNIC) had conducted a survey on Taiwanese’s use of mobile devices in 2012, finding out that their most favorite App was game App and social App was the second. This also showed the increasing growth of mobile device and that game App took the lead for the users in Taiwan. In the background of this rapid development and intensive competition of game App, the developers pay much attention to users’ considerations for purchasing game App and their use behaviors. The researcher of this study used Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology (UTAUT) as the theoretical framework and further extended its model by adding two dimensions of Price and Product Involvement to investigate consumers’ purchase intention of game App. The results show that the constructs, Performance Expectancy and Social Influence had significant effects on behavioral intention on game app, and Facilitating Conditions and Price had direct effect on their purchase behavior. This study suggested product involvement effects on the factors affecting on purchase intention and behavior. This extended UTAUT also offers significant reference for future studies of purchase intention and behavior.

Index Terms—application, App, game, UTAUT, price, product involvement

Cite: Hsin-Ke Lu, Peng-Chun Lin, and Yi-Chen Lin, "A Study of the Factors Affecting the Purchase Intention on Mobile Game Apps," Vol. 7, No. 4, pp.239-244, November, 2016. doi: 10.12720/jait.7.4.239-244