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Risk Management in Information Security: A Systematic Review

Manuel Alcántara 1 and Andrés Melgar 2
1. Maestría en Informática, Escuela de Posgrado, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Perú
2. Grupo de Reconocimiento de Patrones e Inteligencia Artificial Aplicada, Sección de Ingeniería Informática, Departamento de Ingeniería, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Lima, Perú
Abstract—The risks of information assets have complex nature; the management of risk of information security is addressed by different approaches. The aim of this work is to establish the state of the art in the management of risk of information security. To achieve this purpose we conducted a Systematic Review of the literature in the main bibliographic databases. It determined that there are several studies about the methods, exist different approaches about the risk analysis including the Artificial Intelligence. There are studies about the aligning of business plans with the aspects of information security but little information about the results his implementation, maturity and simulation of controls. It should investigate more about these shortcomings.

Index Terms—information assets, state of art, risk analysis, risk assessment

Cite: Manuel Alcántara, "Risk Management in Information Security: A Systematic Review," Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 1-7, February, 2016. doi: 10.12720/jait.7.1.1-7
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