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A Study on Building of Sports Data Sharing Platform from the Perspective of the Personal Information Protection Act

Kai-Li Wang
Graduate Institute of International Sport Affairs, National Taiwan Sport University, Taoyuan, Taiwan
Abstract—The evolution of wearable devices, big data and Internet of Things (IoT) has given rise to today’s emerging apps. Among them, sports- and health-related ones are drawing the most attention. Many giants have thus launched cloud-based platforms that combine hardware products with software services and even social networking functionality. This way, users of sensor-equipped wearable devices can monitor and track their sports data. They can further share the data for more fun with their sports activities. In this study, such platform is termed as “sports data sharing platform” (SDSP). However, the increasing concern over privacy rights has urged more governments to establish new laws on personal data protection worldwide. The move will affect the said developing service models. In this study, we will start from the perspective of the recently enacted Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) of Taiwan R.O.C. to analyze several important SDSP-related legal issues. We will then discuss several models used to establish the SDSP, and their differences in legal risks. SDSP developers are advised to refer to the conclusion of this study for future improvements. As for the government, suggestions mentioned here may also serve to help handle legal practices about the PIPA. The purpose is to avoid making legal interpretations that might undermine thriving services.

Index Terms—wearable device (wearable technology), big data, Internet of Things (IoT), sports data, personal information

Cite: Kai-Li Wang, "A Study on Building of Sports Data Sharing Platform from the Perspective of the Personal Information Protection Act," Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 54-58, May, 2015. doi:10.12720/jait.6.2.54-58
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