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The Impact of the New Web 2.0 Technologies in Communication, Development, and Revolutions of Societies

Ashraf Darwish1 and Kamaljit I. Lakhtaria2
1. Computer Science Department, Faculty of Science, Helwan University, Cairo, Egypt Machine Intelligence Research Labs (MIR), USA
2. Sir Padampat Singhaniya University, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Abstract – In lase years with all of the attention paid to social networks (SN) and Web 2.0 tools these days, it is important to both explore their uses and evaluate their effectiveness in supporting communication, developing, and revolutions of countries, are rapidly evolving technology and play an important role in every daily life activities in societies. This technology includes wikis(Wikipedia, Seedwiki), blog, micro blogging (Twitter), YouTube, social book marking, podcasts, Second Life (virtual communities), and RSS.This paper will illustrate how Web 2.0 technology has been successfully used as a supplement for communicative practice in societies. Moreover, this paper explores the impact of communication SNs, Web 2.0 technologies, and the Internet in particular, has been widely credited as contributor to the democracy and freedom of countries. Some challenges of SNs and Web 2.0 have been overviewed. In addition to, the role of such technologies has been influenced by the Tunisian and Egyptian revolutions in 2011 which have been explained and highlighted in this work.

Cite: Ashraf Darwish and Kamaljit I. Lakhtaria, "The Impact of the New Web 2.0 Technologies in Communication, Development, and Revolutions of Societies," Journal of Advances in Information Technology, Vol. 2, No. 4, pp. 204-216, November, 2011.doi:10.4304/jait.2.4.204-216
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