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Topic-Software Testing and Development

Topic Editor: Crystal Wang

Verification and validation are the processes to check whether a software system meets the specifications and whether it fulfills its intended purpose or not in software testing. Verification and validation are an extremely critical technology in the software quality control process. Verification is done at the start of the development process. It includes reviews and meetings, walk-throughs, inspections, etc. to evaluate documents, plans, codes, requirements, and specifications. The topics include but are not limited to:

1. Combining Automation & Manual Testing
2. Testing Application Vulnerabilities Using Faulty Injection
3. Cross-Platform Tool to Build, Test and Package Software
4. Software Testing to Combat Cybersecurity and Risk Compliance
5. Software Testing in IoT (Internet of Things)
6. Importance of Agile and DevOps Principles in Software Testing
7. Automated Network Security Testing Tool
8. Testing Angular Software
9. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Automated Software Testing
10. Software Testing, Diagnosis, and Validation